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Below is our beginning sound files on our mouthpieces. Pull down from the menu for your instrument. Try to replicate what you hear.

First Mouthpiece Lessons, pull down the menu for your instrument


All 2019-2020 Monthly Practice Guides can be found by clicking here

For a copy of Band Beginnings 2, pull down from the menu

For a copy of Band Beginnings 3, pull down from the menu

For a copy of Honor Band Song Sheet, pull down from the menu

**Now Students can practice their note reading skills with Note Trainer...

 To practice, click here

Below are the main songs we will be working on this year. Just choose the song title from the pull-down menu and the song will play. You may play along with them as they are the same accompaniments we use in class. All songs are in mp3 format. If you have trouble hearing the MP3 files below, you may need to download the Quicktime plug-in. To download the plug-in, click here.

Sound Files

5th Grade Practice Songs (Pull Down from the Menu)

Spring Concert Songs (Pull Down from the Menu

5th Grade Honor Band Songs (Pull Down from the Menu)

For some fun songs to play, Click here

Practice Suggestion

  1. Always concentrate on a beautiful sound
  2. Set aside a specific practice time daily (eg. 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. daily)
  3. Practice in a private area free of distractions
  4. Sit in a chair. Use a music stand if possible.
  5. Spend twenty of every thirty minutes learning new material.
  6. Spend ten of every thirty minutes playing old material..
  7. At least once a week perform for your parents.
  8. Always put your instrument away when you finish practicing
  9. Don't forget to fill out your home practice schedule.

To download a list of local private teachers, click here.


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