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The 4th and 5th Grade vocal music classes are taught by Miss Voss.

This class is designed to cover many areas of music education, including vocal training through a wide variety of songs, playing a variety of rhythm instruments, learning music that ties into California history studies, playing the soprano recorder, note reading and notation, music games and activities, and music related artwork. A notebook and pencil (with an eraser) is REQUIRED for this class.

A part of the General Music class instruction is learning how to play the SOPRANO RECORDER, a member of the woodwind family. Instruction typically lasts 6-8 weeks. A short concert during school is planned for parents during the month of March. Although there are previously played instruments cleaned and available to borrow, it is suggested that each student supply their own instrument, ranging in price from $3.00-$10.00 Several have been purchased from local music stores and catalogs using such brands as Yamaha, Angel, Aulos, and Hohner. I will be supplying all of the music that the students will be playing. BEWARE of party or “dollar” stores. They are selling toys, not instruments. It is my experience that recorders purchased for one or two dollars tend to be out of tune and squeak a lot, making for a frustrating playing experience. This instrument instruction is scheduled to begin in January, so now is a good time to start shopping! It does not matter if the recorders are one piece, two piece, or three piece, but try to get one that includes a case. If it does not come with a case, a gallon-size zip lock bag works well


The 5th grade choir classes are taught with instruction given in proper vocal technique, and with much instruction in and attention paid to proper performance skills. Many areas of music are covered, including basic music theory, history, and appreciation. The children will sing some music from other countries and cultures, and in an attempt to expose the children to a wide variety of music literature and styles, the music that is sung ranges from traditional, to popular and contemporary.


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